Defining and ‘diagnosing’ aphantasia: Condition or individual difference?

New paper in Cortex Volume 169, December 2023, Pages 220-234 Viewpoint Andrea Blomkvist a, David F. Marks b This post follows other posts on the same topic.and gives details of a recent publication concerning aphantasia.  Andrea Blomkvist and I argue for a more cautious approach towards ‘diagnosis’ of aphantasia, which may best be thought of as an individual difference. WeContinue reading “Defining and ‘diagnosing’ aphantasia: Condition or individual difference?”

Phenomenological Studies of Visual Mental Imagery: A Review and Synthesis of Historical Datasets

Vision 2023, 7(4), 67; Received: 14 July 2023 / Revised: 25 September 2023 / Accepted: 11 October 2023 / Published: 20 October 2023 (This article belongs to the Special Issue Visual Mental Imagery System: How We Image the World) Abstract This article reviews historically significant phenomenological studies of visual mental imagery (VMI), starting with Fechner in 1860 and continuing to the present. This synthesisContinue reading “Phenomenological Studies of Visual Mental Imagery: A Review and Synthesis of Historical Datasets”

Start Over As Your Real Self

This new book takes the reader on a transformative journey.  Based on the author’s Homeostasis or Balance Theory of Behavior,  it applies theory to practice in the context of self-awareness. If you wish to receive a review copy,  please leave your contact email as a Comment. To start over as your Real Self,  let thisContinue reading “Start Over As Your Real Self”

Future Self Imagery Questionnaire

This new version of the Vividness of Visual Imagery Questionnaire (VVIQ) has been developed as the ‘Future Self Imagery Questionnaire’’ (FSIQ). The instructions, rating scale, and items are all shown below.  Please follow the instructions as carefully as possible. Part A consists of the original VVIQ items. Part B consists of new future self-imagery items.Continue reading “Future Self Imagery Questionnaire”

Vividness of Visual Imagery Questionnaire-2

The VVIQ of 16 items was published in 1973.  An extended version with 32 items, the “VVIQ-2”, was published in 1995. The instructions,  rating scale, and items are reproduced below. Researchers are free to use this questionnaire without seeking permission from the author. Instructions Visual imagery refers to the ability to visualize, that is, theContinue reading “Vividness of Visual Imagery Questionnaire-2”

Tribute to Stephen White

In 2008, the hugely popular press officer at the British Psychological Society, Stephen (Steve) White,  was sacked.  After a two-year battle with his ex-employer, Stephen White committed suicide.  The circumstances of Steve’s dismissal, employment tribunal and death are shrouded in mystery.  As is often the case, the Society is the last place one wants toContinue reading “Tribute to Stephen White”

The Action Cycle Theory of Perception and Mental Imagery

Vision2023, 7(1), 12; 14 February 2023 Abstract The Action Cycle Theory (ACT) is an enactive theory of the perception and a mental imagery system that is comprised of six modules: Schemata, Objects, Actions, Affect, Goals and Others’ Behavior. The evidence supporting these six connected modules is reviewed in light of research on mental imagery vividness. TheContinue reading “The Action Cycle Theory of Perception and Mental Imagery”

Paris 2024 Olympic Games: a catastrophe for people with disabilities?

It has been reported by the Le Journal du Dimanche (JDD), on 21 January 2023, that Pascale Ribes, the president of APF France Handicap, has warned about the conditions for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.  It appears that the ‘City of Love’ stands totally unprepared to accommodate the 350,000 visitors with disabilities who areContinue reading “Paris 2024 Olympic Games: a catastrophe for people with disabilities?”

A Catalogue of Shame: The British Psychological Society as a Dysfunctional Organisation

The Propoganda Never Stops

In previous posts here, here and here I describe how patients diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomylitis (ME) are continuously misrepresented, smeared and gaslighted by a propoganda machine at the Science Media Centre. In a relentless barrage of distorted messaging, the propoganda never stops flowing. From there, it is fed by mainstream media to the general public.Continue reading “The Propoganda Never Stops”

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