Start Over As Your Real Self

This new book takes the reader on a transformative journey.  Based on the author’s Homeostasis or Balance Theory of Behavior,  it applies theory to practice in the context of self-awareness.

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To start over as your Real Self,  let this book be your guide. Living as your Real Self offers a great sense of freedom, improved self-awareness, and improved connectedness with other people. The reader will be shown how to quickly achieve this objective using a natural and scientifically validated process of Mind-Body Balancing.

Mind-Body Balancing is rooted in ancient wisdom but is combined here with scientific findings from Neuroscience and Psychology. The goal to balance everything in equilibrium for a more harmonious and happy life is achievable in 30 days. Using guided introspection, visualization, journaling, and 50 simple exercises, the reader will learn to experience a deeper awareness of the Inner Self.

This is no self-help, get-rich-quick book, but it concerns the riches of knowing one’s Inner Self.  If this is what you are after, then you are in the right place. In being true to one’s Inner Self, life is more fun, one is more present,  and both psychological and physical health can be significantly improved.

Only the True Self can be creative and only the True Self can feel real.  Welcome to the journey!

The ebook is available at all good booksellers. Paperback and hard cover editions are available at Amazon:

If you wish to receive a review copy,  please leave your contact email as a Comment.

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