Defining and ‘diagnosing’ aphantasia: Condition or individual difference?

New paper in Cortex Volume 169, December 2023, Pages 220-234 Viewpoint Andrea Blomkvist a, David F. Marks b This post follows other posts on the same topic.and gives details of a recent publication concerning aphantasia.  Andrea Blomkvist and I argue for a more cautious approach towards ‘diagnosis’ of aphantasia, which may best be thought of as an individual difference. WeContinue reading “Defining and ‘diagnosing’ aphantasia: Condition or individual difference?”

Aphantasia: In search of a theory

Andrea Blomkvist First published: 01 July 2022, Reproduced here under a Creative Commons license. Disclaimer: Republication of this article by the curator of this website does not imply that the curator necessarily agrees with the point of view expressed by the original author, Andrea Blomkvist. However, in this instance, he does. This is theContinue reading “Aphantasia: In search of a theory”

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