Alarmingly high temperatures and climate denial

Europe’s most recent heat wave has brought multiple fires with homes going up in smoke and loss of life. The latest heat wave is not a freak occurrence but part of a trend.

Alarmingly, mainstream media fails to relate the rising world temperatures to human activity such as the use of oil and meat eating.

One hears naive, disingenuous or plain stupid questions on major channels such as: What is the cause of the fires? Climate denial and the use of oil-derived energy are two of the major causes of global warming. Another factor is the use of cattle for milk and meat.

Human meat eating and cow milk drinking need to be significantly reduced. That veganism is becoming more common is a good sign.

Our children and grandchildren will be more aware of the urgency than current and previous adult populations.

They will have the legacy of previous generations – a beautiful planet that is burning in front of their eyes.

The thermometer reading in my garden at Arles, Provence at 15:15 on Friday July 15, 2022

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