Revealed: 5,000 empty ‘ghost flights’ in UK since 2019, data shows

Alarmingly high temperatures and climate denial

Europe’s most recent heat wave has brought multiple fires with homes going up in smoke and loss of life. The latest heat wave is not a freak occurrence but part of a trend. Alarmingly, mainstream media fails to relate the rising world temperatures to human activity such as the use of oil and meat eating.Continue reading “Alarmingly high temperatures and climate denial”

Nature Restores

We all tend to feel good when we go outdoors among nature. Alone, with others, or walking the dog. And more so in rural areas than urban ones. Why? A recent study by Migle Baceviciene, Rasa Jankauskiene and Viren Swami helps to explain why this might be the case. Feeling good is partly to doContinue reading “Nature Restores”

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