Brexit + Covid Make a ‘Staycation’ the Only Sensible Option

The Context

A necessary trip home to Britain after seven months in France (currently ‘Amber’). Here are the highlights of the programme:

Ten days of self-isolation – reducible to 6 days with an extra covid test at Day 5.

Seven days of self-isolation on return to France, giving a whacking big total of 17 days of self-isolation.

Good for the soul no doubt, but unlikely to reduce the overall burden of SARS as I’ve already received both jabs (Pfizer).

The necessary pre-departure covid test here in France was courtesy of the French govt.

The necessary post-arrival covid tests in the UK on Day 2 and Day 8 (£130) and the Day 5 Test-to-Release (£79, total for all 3 tests: £209). Some companies are making a killing charging £500 plus.

No way could an average family with children be able to afford this. And that’s before the ‘holiday’ has even started. Here’s a summary of the necessary steps before embarcation:

Before Departure

1) Purchase the rail tickets.

2) Have a documented covid test (must be negative).

3) Purchase day 2 and day 8 post-arrival covid tests.

4) Purchase a day 5 early quarantine release covid test.

5) Submit a locator form online.

6) Read emails from Eurostar listing the necessary steps and precautions. The main one states:

‘Let Us Take You There With Care’

Received the day before ‘D-Day’ , very few extra words are necessary. The infographics do the talking and you’ll draw your own conclusions: STAY AT HOME UNLESS YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO TRAVEL!

Gosh, did I actually say that – I am sounding like Boris Johnson. On this single thing, I agree with him, thanks to his lunatic handling of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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