The SAGE Secretive Seven

In keeping with best practice, members of government advisory groups are invited to declare their interests in any companies or organisations that could be interested in influencing decisions made by the group. Seven members of SAGE are revealed here as having interests in companies that they chose not to declare. Of course, human memory isContinue reading “The SAGE Secretive Seven”

Brexit + Covid Make a ‘Staycation’ the Only Sensible Option

The Context A necessary trip home to Britain after seven months in France (currently ‘Amber’). Here are the highlights of the programme: Ten days of self-isolation – reducible to 6 days with an extra covid test at Day 5. Seven days of self-isolation on return to France, giving a whacking big total of 17 daysContinue reading “Brexit + Covid Make a ‘Staycation’ the Only Sensible Option”

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