Future Self Imagery Questionnaire

This new version of the Vividness of Visual Imagery Questionnaire (VVIQ) has been developed as the ‘Future Self Imagery Questionnaire’’ (FSIQ). The instructions, rating scale, and items are all shown below.  Please follow the instructions as carefully as possible. Part A consists of the original VVIQ items. Part B consists of new future self-imagery items. Part C is for introspections about the process.


Visual imagery refers to the ability to visualize, that is, the ability to form mental pictures, or to ‘see in the mind’s eye’. Marked individual differences are found in the strength and clarity of reported visual imagery and these differences are of considerable psychological interest.

The aim of this test is to determine the vividness of your visual imagery. The items of the test will possibly bring certain images to your mind. You are asked to rate the vividness of each image by reference to the five-point scale given below. For example, if your image is ‘vague and dim’, then give it a rating of 4. After each item, write the appropriate number in the box provided.

Before you turn to the items, familiarize yourself with the different categories on the rating scale. Throughout the test, refer to the rating scale when judging the vividness of each image. Try to do each item separately, independent of how you may have done other items.

This test consists of 32 items to be imaged with your eyes closed. When we say, “eyes closed”, we mean you read the question, then close your eyes, and form an image with them closed, and then open your eyes to write the score. Please refer to the scale scores throughout the test when you judge the vividness of each image. Please rate your image of each item independently of how you rated the other items.

Rating Scale

Perfectly clear and as vivid as normal vision …5

Clear and reasonably vivid …4

Moderately clear and vivid …3

Vague and dim  …2

No image at all, you only “know” that you are thinking of the object …1

Part A:

Think of some relative or friend whom you frequently see (but who is not with you at present) and consider carefully the picture that comes before your mind’s eye.

1 The exact contour of face, head, shoulders and body.[  ]

2 Characteristic poses of head, attitudes of body etc.[  ]

3 The precise carriage, length of step, etc. in walking.[  ]

4 The different colours worn in some familiar clothes.[  ]

Think of the rising sun. Consider carefully the picture that comes before your mind’s eye.

5 The sun is rising above the horizon into a hazy sky. [  ]

6 The sky clears and surrounds the sun with blueness.[  ]

7 Clouds. A storm blows up, with flashes of lightening.[  ]

8 A rainbow appears.[  ]

Think of the front of a shop which you often go to. Consider the picture that comes before your mind’s eye.

9 The overall appearance of the shop from the opposite side of the road. [  ]

10 A window display including colours, shape and details of individual items for sale. [  ]

11 You are near the entrance. The colour, shape and details of the door. [  ]

12 You enter the shop and go to the counter. The counter assistant serves you. Money changes hands. [  ]

Think of a country scene which involves trees, mountains and a lake. Consider the picture that comes before your mind’s eye.

13 The contours of the landscape. [  ]

14 The colour and shape of the trees. [  ]

15 The colour and shape of the lake. [  ]

16 A strong wind blows on the tree and on the lake causing waves. [  ]

Part B: Think of yourself five years into the future. Imagine you are writing a description of yourself in a private journal. Consider the picture as you expect to be at that time.

17  You are satisfied with life and happy. [  ]

18  You feel confident and authentic.[  ]

19  You are resilient in coping with stress. [  ]

20  You feel balanced and stable. [  ]

Image your social relationships five years into the future. Consider the picture as you expect to be at that time.

21 You can share your feelings with others. [  ]

22 You can be your real self with others.  [  ]

23 You can express gratitude to others.  [  ]

24 You can express your desires and fears to others. [  ]

Image your thoughts and feelings about the world five years into future.

25 Pollution of rivers, the sea and the atmosphere has got worse. [  ]

26 Temperatures continue to rise and bushfires are common in many countries. [  ]

27 Extreme weather events, floods and storms are almost daily occurrences. [  ]

28  Desperate refugees from war-torn regions are crossing international borders in ever-larger numbers. [  ]

Image your thoughts and feelings about yourself five years into the future.

29 In spite of multiple challenges, you continue to pursue your personal goals. [  ]

30 Your ideals and values remain steadfast. [  ]

31 You act on your beliefs regardless of criticism by others.[  ]

32 In the grand scheme of things, your life and that of your loved ones, remains balanced and worthwhile. [  ]

Part C: Finally, write your reflections on the above: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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