Phenomenological Studies of Visual Mental Imagery: A Review and Synthesis of Historical Datasets

Vision 2023, 7(4), 67; Received: 14 July 2023 / Revised: 25 September 2023 / Accepted: 11 October 2023 / Published: 20 October 2023 (This article belongs to the Special Issue Visual Mental Imagery System: How We Image the World) Abstract This article reviews historically significant phenomenological studies of visual mental imagery (VMI), starting with Fechner in 1860 and continuing to the present. This synthesisContinue reading “Phenomenological Studies of Visual Mental Imagery: A Review and Synthesis of Historical Datasets”

Start Over As Your Real Self

This new book takes the reader on a transformative journey.  Based on the author’s Homeostasis or Balance Theory of Behavior,  it applies theory to practice in the context of self-awareness. If you wish to receive a review copy,  please leave your contact email as a Comment. To start over as your Real Self,  let thisContinue reading “Start Over As Your Real Self”

Future Self Imagery Questionnaire

This new version of the Vividness of Visual Imagery Questionnaire (VVIQ) has been developed as the ‘Future Self Imagery Questionnaire’’ (FSIQ). The instructions, rating scale, and items are all shown below.  Please follow the instructions as carefully as possible. Part A consists of the original VVIQ items. Part B consists of new future self-imagery items.Continue reading “Future Self Imagery Questionnaire”

A Catalogue of Shame: The British Psychological Society as a Dysfunctional Organisation

The Non-existence of Laboratory Psi Looks Ever More Certain from Recent Confirmatory Research in Parapsychology

Previously the evidence for psi was drawn from exploratory studies that do not adhere to the standards that are replicable across different laboratories. It is possible now to summarise the findings of empirical evidence drawn from confirmatory studies that enable one to draw firm conclusions. The existence of this solid data-base of empirical evidence inContinue reading “The Non-existence of Laboratory Psi Looks Ever More Certain from Recent Confirmatory Research in Parapsychology”

Part 3 – Professor Michael Eysenck (and the Rest): Give Me Back My Attentional-Probe-Paradigm

Part III of the story of how my intellectual property was stolen by a group of leading psychology researchers at London University. 

The General Theory of Behaviour IV: Homeostasis, Balance and Stability

Welcome to the fourth post about the ‘General Theory of Behaviour’.  The theory holds that psychological homeostasis is a fundamental process in behaviour and motivation. Psychology is here considered a natural science. The General Theory is an attempt to unify Psychology as a discipline that has been chronically disintegrated over its history. The General Theory isContinue reading “The General Theory of Behaviour IV: Homeostasis, Balance and Stability”

An Anomaly of Ceaseless Wonder

Psi is an anomaly of ceaseless wonder and mystery. The psi hypothesis remains neither confirmed nor disconfirmed but it connects us to our fellow beings, to nature and the cosmos at large. David F Marks, Psychology and the Paranormal, 2020, p. 313. A recent post featuring Adrian Parker shows the openness of a thought leaderContinue reading “An Anomaly of Ceaseless Wonder”

Psi as a Spontaneous Phenomenon

Originally published by leading parapsychologist ADRIAN PARKER as ‘Informal Psi Tests’ in the Paranormal Review 96, 16. Adrian is President of the Society of Psychical Research, London, and Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. The veteran psi-critic David Marks has recently published a book Psychology and the Paranormal in which he has taken aContinue reading “Psi as a Spontaneous Phenomenon”

Science is Beautiful*

Science is beautiful when it makes simple explanations of phenomena or connections between different observations. Examples include the double helix in biology and the fundamental equations of physics. Steven Hawking I have something beautiful to offer, not in Biology or in Physics, but in Psychology: A General Theory of Behaviour. It’s got harmony, synchronicity andContinue reading “Science is Beautiful*”

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