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In a series of ten posts, I have reviewed ten major planks in the Wessely School’s psychosomatic approach to ME/CFS. This St Patrick’s Day ‘end of term report’ indicates my grades as an independent assessor of the School’s performance to date. The bulk of the assessed work was completed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. However an adjustment to the final piece of work, which moves from a U to a 1, compensates for the possible detrimental effects of the pandemic.

ME/CFS and CBT – a basic error

Grade 1
raised from U to allow for the COVID-19 pandemic

ME/CFS and the SMILE trial

Grade U

ME/CFS and the Lightning Process

Grade U

ME/CFS and the PACE trial

Grade U

ME/CFS and biased attention

Grade U

ME/CFS and deconditioning

Grade U

ME/CFS and unhelpful beliefs

Grade U

ME/CFS and the Wessely School

Grade U

ME/CFS and treatment harms

Grade U

ME/CFS as a breakdown of homeostasis

No work, so no grade.

Overall Assessment

The Wessely School’s overall performance is graded at level U, unsatisfactory (no credit) unsatisfactory progress. 

After compensation for the detrimental effect of the pandemic, one subject is upgraded from U grade to a grade of 1.

As the School has contributed nothing on the topic, its understanding of the biological approach to ME/CFS does not receive a grade.

Overall, the School must try harder.

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