The Propoganda Never Stops

In previous posts here, here and here I describe how patients diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomylitis (ME) are continuously misrepresented, smeared and gaslighted by a propoganda machine at the Science Media Centre. In a relentless barrage of distorted messaging, the propoganda never stops flowing. From there, it is fed by mainstream media to the general public.Continue reading “The Propoganda Never Stops”

A PRESS RELEASE FROM FIVE YEARS AGO – The PACE Trial: The Making of a Medical Scandal

EMBARGOED TO NOON GMT, MONDAY, 31 JULY 2017 Journal of Health Psychology Special Issue on The PACE Trial, Vol. 29, No 9, Aug. 2017 Publication date: 31 July 2017 A Special Issue of the Journal of Health Psychology on the PACE Trial, is to be published and freely available online on Monday 31 July 2017.Continue reading “A PRESS RELEASE FROM FIVE YEARS AGO – The PACE Trial: The Making of a Medical Scandal”

“Doctors can commit scientific fraud and financial fraud and not be punished”

Press Release by Dr Myhill concerning Dr Myhill’s Virtual Hearing 22 MARCH 2021 – vs ICO & GMC Doctors can commit scientific fraud and financial fraud and not be punished. This is the conclusion of Dr Sarah Myhill following her recent hearing vs the ICO and GMC. Dr Sarah Myhill tells us “That is officialContinue reading ““Doctors can commit scientific fraud and financial fraud and not be punished””

Another dollar, another day, another set of slides for Swiss Re

Research requires funds and universities have overhead costs. The contributions of the Wessely School to research on ME/CFS are described in earlier posts. Here I start a series of posts on the funding sources of the universities involved. Professor Sir Simon Wessely is the Regius Professor of Psychiatry, Director of King’s Centre for Military HealthContinue reading “Another dollar, another day, another set of slides for Swiss Re”

Dog whistle medicine and disability denial

Here I review the corporate connections of the Wessely School with the insurance industry. The picture featured above shows the cover of a book edited by Peter Halligan and Mansel Alyward alongside a similar cover from the UnumProvident annual report of 2002. Imaginary conversation Imagine the conversation, which must have gone something like this: UnumContinue reading “Dog whistle medicine and disability denial”

Wessely School Report

In a series of ten posts, I have reviewed ten major planks in the Wessely School’s psychosomatic approach to ME/CFS. This St Patrick’s Day ‘end of term report’ indicates my grades as an independent assessor of the School’s performance to date. The bulk of the assessed work was completed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. HoweverContinue reading “Wessely School Report”

ME/CFS and the SMILE trial

A trial called the ‘SMILE trial’ compared the Lightning Process® with specialist medical care for young patients with ME/CFS. The trial was run at Bristol Medical School by Professor Esther Crawley. Recent studies of the Lightning Process® by the Wessely School are described here. The information detailed in this post is drawn from the extensiveContinue reading “ME/CFS and the SMILE trial”

ME/CFS and the Lightning Process

Here I review research by the Wessely School on the Lightning Process (LP). LP is a pseudoscientific cult founded by Phil Parker, a Tarot reader, specialist in auras and spiritual guides, and an osteopath. It has triggered a spate of shoddy evidence and false claims that brings a new low level to the checkered history ofContinue reading “ME/CFS and the Lightning Process”

ME/CFS and biased attention

Two posts here and here identify a recurring problem with the Wessely School theory of ME/CFS: The complete lack of scientific evidence. Here I consider the third strand of the theory: H3: Biased attention causes, or exacerbates, the symptoms of ME/CFS and MUS. According to this hypothesis, biased attention focusing towards symptoms, health-threats and relatedContinue reading “ME/CFS and biased attention”

ME/CFS and deconditioning

A previous post examined the Wessely School hypothesis that ME/CFS is caused by unhelpful beliefs. This idea was exploded as a myth. Here I examine a second Wessely School hypothesis (H2) that states: Deconditioning causes, or exacerbates the symptoms of, ME/CFS and MUS. Deconditioning refers to multiple, potentially reversible changes in body systems brought aboutContinue reading “ME/CFS and deconditioning”

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