Spiral Case

Greenlandic birth control program Reproduced from Wikipedia under Creative Commons license. The spiral case (alternatively coil campaign, coil case or IUD case; Danish: spiralsagen or spiralkampagnen) is an ongoing investigation into a birth control campaign in Greenland during the 1960s and 1970s. Thousands of Greenlandic Inuit girls and women had intrauterine devices placed, often without their consent, under the direction of Danish government officials. The program was created to control Greenland’s birth rate. GreenlandicContinue reading “Spiral Case”

Sordid genealogies

This post republishes under Creative Commons licence an extract of an original paper authored by Michael Wintroub and published in Humanities and Social Sciences Communications volume 7, Article number: 41 (2020). A Correction to this article was published on 27 August 2020. Abstract “Sordid Genealogies: A Conjectural History of Cambridge Analytica’s Eugenic Roots” explores the history of the methods employed by Cambridge AnalyticaContinue reading “Sordid genealogies”

‘Brilliant’ – But Censored

Here I post a chapter described as ‘brilliant’ by the book’s editor but censored by the book publisher. British Psychology In Crisis: A Case Study in Organisational Dysfunction (Ed., David Pilgrim, University of Southampton; Publisher, Kate Pearce, Phoenix Publishing House) will be available later in 2022. The publisher insisted on censoring words such as ‘sordid’Continue reading “‘Brilliant’ – But Censored”

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